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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama Podiatrist Dr. Rosemarie Caillier
I am delighted to tell you more about me and my new podiatry practice in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  My family moved to “The City of Champions” last year and I am eager to get in the game to help the community...
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  • How to measure your feet
Poor fitting shoes can lead to a variety of foot problems.  If they are too big, the arch of the foot may not be properly supported leading to tired feet or heel pain.  If they are too small, which is...
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  • Standard of Foot Care in Diabetes
The American Diabetes Association’s position statement that provides evidence-based practice recommendations for diabetes care, is contained in the recently revised Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes.  You can read more about the summary of revisions from Diabetes Care. The section...
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  • Winter running tips
Winter time is no excuse to completely avoid outdoor exercises.  Running in the cold can be done safely and more comfortably with the following tips: PUT ON DOUBLE SOCKS.  Go for a synthetic sock against your skin to help wick...
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