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Walking is powerful medicine.  It benefits many aspects of health that allows us to live long active lives.  Regular exercise like brisk walking can control blood sugar in people diagnosed with diabetes, reduce the risk of breast cancer, improve mental...
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  • Podiatrist explains how to choose the right running shoe according to your foot type. -- Podiatry Care in Tuscaloosa, AL: Dr. Rosemarie Caillier
Choosing the right running shoes can prevent a lifetime of injuries.  Wearing shoes that are not designed for your foot type may not provide the necessary support or contain enough cushioning to prevent foot trauma.  This can lead to common...
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  • How to Choose The Right Athletic Shoe for Your Sport
Sport-specific shoes are recommended if you participate in a certain sport at least 2 to 3 times per week.  Wearing a pair of athletic shoes that do not provide the proper support needed for a particular sport can lead to...
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  • How to measure your feet
Poor fitting shoes can lead to a variety of foot problems.  If they are too big, the arch of the foot may not be properly supported leading to tired feet or heel pain.  If they are too small, which is...
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  • Winter running tips
Winter time is no excuse to completely avoid outdoor exercises.  Running in the cold can be done safely and more comfortably with the following tips: PUT ON DOUBLE SOCKS.  Go for a synthetic sock against your skin to help wick...
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  • 3 foot exercises for women who wear high heels
Adorning your feet with beautiful high heel shoes can cause you to develop unsightly foot deformities.  When shoes keep the feet positioned in an unnatural way for an extended period of time, some foot muscles contract while others weaken.  Over...
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