For people with problem nails or those who just want to keep them healthy and strong, we have the right nail polish prescription available at our podiatry office.  Dr.’s Remedy enriched nail care line is a great alternative to traditional nail polish.  Formulated by 2 board certified podiatrist, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel, Dr.’s Remedy products include luxurious nail colors as well as nail care solutions which can minimize the appearance of dry brittle nails, hydrate nail cuticles and improve the wear-time of your nail color.

Each product is infused with a special blend of ingredients including: wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, lavender, and vitamins C and E.  They are free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP.  Dr.’s Remedy is vegan friendly and utilizes a range of organic ingredients.

Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish

Dr.’s Remedy nail enriched nail care products is a medically aesthetic solution for:

  • Patients with yellow, discolored nails
  • Diabetic patients
  • Patients with dry, brittle nails
  • Men and women undergoing chemotherapy
  • Pregnant women looking to avoid harsh chemicals
  • Children who wish to limit exposure to formaldehyde
  • Patients with strong healthy nails who want to keep them that way


The shade collection by Dr.’s Remedy is simply beautiful.  Replace your favorite OPI and Essie nail colors with a healthy alternative.  Some of the colors available at our office include: Nurture Nude Pink, Positive Pink, Clarity Coral, Revive Ruby Red, Tender Terracotta, Balance Brick Red, and Wonder Wine.

TOTAL Two In One

Benefit from the adhesion and nail barrier of a base coat and the wear protection and high gloss of a topcoat.  TOTAL provides durable wear, easy application and protects the color from UV radiation.  It can also be worn alone as a clear for a natural look.  TOTAL contains biotin, tea tree oil, as well as cactus, ginseng and kale for added hydration.

TOTAL Top/Base Coat

TOTAL Top and Base Coat


HYDRATION Clear Moisturizing Nail Treatment with Biotin

Hydration is a natural nail conditioner infused with the key ingredient, Pentavitin, which helps to deliver and retain moisture.  It is also enriched with wheat protein and four vitamins.

Hydration Nail Treatment


As a podiatrist I come across patients on a regular basis who contracted a fungal nail infection from a pedicure.  Read my blog The Truth About Toenail Fungus to learn more about fungal nail infections.  Because re-infection is a common and serious problem for a number of people, using an enriched nail polish is my recommendation for ongoing fungal nail prevention.  Dr.’s Remedy enriched nail care is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.  It is definitely a prescription for beautiful and healthy nails.