Getting the skin of a baby’s feet would be a dream come true.  Newborn skin has not had a chance to dry and callous like adult feet.  They don’t undergo the pressure of standing and walking that can cause our feet to toughen its skin.  So, can we really achieve the dream of getting “baby soft” feet?

There are factors that can make getting softer feet difficult for some people.  Medical conditions like diabetes can cause the skin to dry more easily.  People who stand and work on their feet can have skin that is more thickened and callused.  Skin infections like Athlete’s feet can look like dry skin that does not clear up unless it is medically treated.

We can definitely try our best to get softer skin on our feet.  Try doing the following steps.

  1. Soak your feet is warm water.  Avoid hot water which will actually dry out the skin.
  2. Exfoliate using a foot file or pumice stone.  Try filing in one direction to avoid “tearing” the skin.
  3. Apply foot cream.  Look for a cream that contains urea or lactic acid which helps to break down the thick dead skin.  Avoid putting cream between the toes.
  4. Cover feet with socks.  Keeping feet covered keeps the air from drying out the skin.
  5. Do overnight treatments.  Repeat steps 1-4, apply a thicker layer of cream to the heels (if needed), wrap the foot with saran wrap or cover with a thicker sock.

Warning.  If you are diabetic, have poor circulation, or loss of feeling in your feet, you should consult a podiatrist about caring for your feet.  Soaking your feet can cause too much moisture between your toes which can lead to an infection.  Your doctor may be able to debride (shave down) any thick callused skin.  Prescription creams may be recommended to soften the skin more or to treat a skin infection causing the dry skin.

We certainly cannot go back to the way our feet felt as babies.  But, we can still baby our feet so that they can continue to take us places as we grow older.