A Medi-Pedi is both a therapeutic and a lavish treatment for exceptional feet.


Unlike a traditional pedicure, our medical pedicure combines the medical expertise of the podiatry profession with salon aesthetics.  Everything is extremely hygienic to prevent the likelihood of bacterial or fungal infection.

It is a dry pedicure that does not utilize foot baths which can spread germs and damage weak skin.  Instruments are surgically sterilized for each client.  We do not even share the nail polish for added peace of mind.  Medical grade foot creams that we use contain intense emollients and keratolytic agents that heal the skin and soften calluses.  Toenails are cut straight across and cuticles are simply pushed back to keep the feet safe.  Nails are painted using the luxurious Dr.’s Remedy enriched nail polish line which contain added ingredients for healthy nails.

The Classic Medi-Pedi is performed by a podiatric medical assistant trained in foot care and aesthetics.  Everything is conducted in the privacy of our treatment room.


  • Diabetics & Those with Poor Circulation
  • Arthritis Sufferers
  • Cancer/Immune Compromised Patients
  • Pregnant Women
  • Patient Undergoing Fungal Toenail Treatment
  • Prevention of Fungal Toenail Infection or Re-infection
  • Self-Conscious Individuals




Medi-Pedi Classic – $50

  • Toenails Trimmed and Calluses Filed
  • Foot Massage & Warm Towel
  • Emollient and/or Keratolytic Skin Cream
  • Enriched Nail Polish

Medi-Pedi Professional – $60-$70

  • Includes Medi-Pedi Classic service plus the following performed by Dr. Caillier:
      * Additional $10 for nail debridement
      * Additional $15 for callus debridement
  • Debridement refers to the reduction in the thickness of the nail or callus using an instrument such as a power tool and scalpel.

Medi-Pedi Express – $30

  • Toenails and Callus Filed
  • Emollient Foot Cream
  • Enriched Nail Polish



Enjoy a Pedicure with Peace of Mind!