Good news for athletes or anyone who suffers from painful foot blisters. A recent study by  Stanford Medicine found that applying inexpensive surgical paper tape to blister-prone areas of the feet can prevent blisters from forming.  The experiment was conducted by Dr. Grant Lipman on ultra-marathon runners. The runners who used paper tape on their feet had a 40% less chance of developing blisters.

The best way to make it to the finish line is by taking care of your feet. ~ Dr. Grant Lipman

After 30 – 40 years of medical research on blister prevention, we now have proof that something can be done that is easy and inexpensive.  A roll of paper tape is cheap and can be found in the first-aid section of most stores.  The slickness of paper tape prevents other objects – like shoes – to rub against the skin.  The tape is also mildly adhesive so it will not stick to the blister itself making it easier (and more comfortable) to remove the tape off the damaged skin.

Blisters are also a major concern to soldiers actively on their feet  and to diabetics with high risk feet.  When friction is applied to an area of skin, the skin cells become damaged and separate causing a blister to form. This can lead to pain and infection.

To help prevent a blister from forming, simply cut a strip of paper tape and apply it to the skin. Reapply the tape as needed.  That’s easy!

Research finds that cheap paper tape can help prevent foot blisters.

Do not delay in seeking medical attention if your foot blisters become infected. Reoccurring blisters may also be a sign of poor fitting shoes or poor foot biomechanics.  A podiatrist can make suggestions on the right footwear and provide additional recommendations on how to prevent and treat blisters.

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