For Earth Day, here is a great way to use old, damaged, or unmatched socks. Simply cut off the toe part of the sock and use it as a heel cover when moisturizing the skin overnight. This works great if you are one who do not like to sleep with socks on at night.  The toes will stay cool and comfortable while the heels get their treatment.

Repurpose your socks to moisturize cracked dry heels overnight

After applying an over-the-counter or podiatrist prescribed moisturizing cream to dry cracked heels, put on the recycled socks.  Simply do this every night of your treatment to allow the cream to stay on the needed area of the foot.  This will also keep the cream from rubbing off your foot and onto the bed sheets.

Keeping your feet free from cracks in the skin is important.  Breaks in the skin can allow harmful bacteria to enter the body and cause an infection. People with diabetes who have an increased risk for foot infections, are advised to keep their feet moisturized especially the heels.

So if you are looking for an idea to recycle old socks for Earth Day, here is a one to not only save the planet…but to save your sole.  Instead of purchasing store bought heel socks, make your own.

If you need a podiatrist in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for help with dry cracked heels that are not improving, give my office a call.  We will be happy to help you get better looking feet.