Keeping your feet moving plays a part in allowing vital blood flow through the legs.  Long travels by car or plane can limit the ability to move around and cause blood to pool and clot.  This can be dangerous for people who have risk factors that lead to blood clots.  When a blood clot develops in a deep leg vein, called a deep vein thrombosis (DVT), it can break off and travel to the lungs and block blood flow.

If you must sit for long periods of time while driving or flying, it is important to do exercises that will contract the calf muscle which helps to circulate the blood.  Getting up and walking around will help normal circulation.  But if you need to remain in a seated position, try an easy foot pump exercise.  To do this, raise and lower your toes and forefoot while keeping your heel on the floor.  Then raise your heel and hold for a few seconds.  Do 5 repetitions every 1/2 hour.

Foot Pumps Exercise To Help Prevent DVT

Good blood flow is needed for your body to heal and restore function.  Poor circulation is a risk factor for many health problems that also involve the feet such non-healing wounds and amputations.  Help keep blood flowing by remembering to move your feet.

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